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The Money Plan. Write. Record. Repeat.

VOM Money Plan

It takes awesome music and lots of time to make the royalty-engine work. The tangled world of licensing and money flow systems in the music biz are not enough to get our label through day-to-day expenses. Nevertheless, our artists deserve remuneration, our label involves expenses, our goals include growth, so how exactly do we make it work?

I tirelessly support the cause I started.

I was originally asked to help share the story of the Maasai plight, I was not asked to give a handout or money, rather share the hidden viewpoints of people who are exceptionally inventive and talented but marginalized and oppressed.

I first was introduced to a community choir of both men and women where I envisioned a music album that would share the Maasai story. Everyday since I've created products, crowd-funded, traveled miles and miles to establish trust and hustled day and night to allow potential to thrive. I devote my entire focus and energy to making VOM a reality and harness an obsessive feeling daily; my commitment to the original goal of sharing their stories via collaboration that builds confidence and pushes creative potential forward.

Friends and fans who stand by our side, we applaud your imagination to continue to bring forth the Voice of Maasai portfolio of cultural documentation, creative expression and music that will influence generations in years to come. Copyrighted and fully registered in the ever-evolving music systems, our art is protected and will bear greater fruit in time. In the interim, our money plan is our rapid pace of creation, so keep your eyes and ears open.

~Jessey Jansen


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