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Stop Evictions in Ngorongoro

Our beloved artists and their families are under threat of loosing their home in Ngorongoro.

What you can do to help:

1. DOWNLOAD Enyito Korongoro song direct from our website

2. SIGN petition to stop evictions

3. JOIN the conversation and learn more with Aljazeera Feb 28 at 1:30 PM (CST)

It was no small feat in producing our latest music video Enyito Korongoro. An urgent call-to-action, the story expresses undeniable sensibilities to standing at a precipice in modern day Maasailand. Constantly threatened with eviction, the Maasai are being forced off their homeland.

Voice of Maasai studio in Arusha Tanzania

VOM team consistently is flexing their ingenuity and persistence by maximizing meager resources to take on feats of citizen engagement. Their willingness to make long hauls, remain flexible and quickly adapt to the unexpected results in tremendous success in sharing a critical and informed perspective of Ngorongoro District and the people who call it home.

Special Acknowledgment

We send a heart-warmed thank you to Myles for his recent donation to Voice of Maasai. His generosity allowed for the production of this relevant and time sensitive music video.

Urgent Call to Action
Maasailand fight for land
Photo Source: Watetezitv

1. DOWNLOAD direct to help our artists get a foot on the social mobility ladder

2. SIGN petition to stop evictions

3. SUPPORT our artists by buying album art and merch


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