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Voice of Maasai Official Artist

Vichwa Vya Habari

Serengetidipity Discovery

2018, I was preparing to have a quiet morning before my flight back home when I received a warm introduction on Facebook from two persuasive young men. Expressing much admiration for our growing label, they communicated knowledge and experience with the music scene in Arusha. I was intrigued and felt it could be a link in the ever-expanding chain of skills that was becoming Voice of Maasai music collective. After three hours and empty tea cups, we wrapped up with a plan for studio time.

~Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen 


Vichwa Vya Habari (The Headlines) is the Bongo Flava talent management group whose lyrical content is based on inspiring youth to overcome poverty and self deprecation in Maasailand and Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Our collaborations include vocalists and lyricists: Zungu Pori, Attu Medicine, Bruky the Emcee, Baby Gramz, Nyenza Emcee, D-One 

African Hip Hop
Bongo Flava


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Zungu Pori
Attu Medicine
Voice of Maasai - Vichwa Vya Habari

Latest Release
A mix of English and Swahili lyrics glide into a colorful tour and clarity of identity for both the youthful singer and the story she tells. Attu Medicine's gentle voice resonates with truthful sound and sincere heart. Harmonized with male counterpart, Miki, they seem to somehow awaken serene sonic beauty backed with chill beats and that exceptional easy savannah sound.



Voice of Maasai - Vichwa Vya Habari
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