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Voice of Maasai Official Artist

Msafiri Zawose

Serengetidipity Discovery

2020, after receiving an invitation to Beyond Music collaboration platform, I scouted the talent directory and contacted admired Tanzanian musician Msafiri Zawose to pitch the idea of producing a song with VOM. I was elated when he replied, "Sure I am interested in collaborating on a song for the next compilation." Promptly setting things into motion, Msafiri traveled to Arusha from his home in Bagamoyo and spent 4 days in the studio with Alex Lobulu. Jamming in unmitigated sessions, wearing masks as the news of COVID19 just started to percolate through global society, the two fused Msafiri's prolific talents with Alex's adept producing and broke open a master-work of Gogo-fusion.  

~ Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen


Msafiri Zawose is an admired Gogo musician from Bagamoyo, a sleepy coastal town in Tanzania. He hails from deep musical roots as the fifth child of Dr. Hukwe Zawose (the 20th century Gogo giant whose own pioneering work led to global recognition, tours, awards, and led to a collaboration with Michael Brook on Assembly). A popular traditional sound, Gogo music mixes local instruments with multiple vocalists.


Surrounded by musicians and spending his days at art school, Msafiri began learning music and picked up the ilimba at a young age. By his13th birthday, he had already mastered all of the signature Gogo instruments and was touring widely throughout the country. His international debut was a three-month tour to Japan singing, dancing, and playing ndono, ngoma, and marimba with his father’s group Chibite. After his father’s untimely death in 2003, Msafiri resolved to pick up where his father left off.


With his charismatic style, prolific song-writing and multi-instrumentalist skills, Msafiri breaks open tradition by pioneering Gogo-fusion music. In late 2012, he began fusing his unique style with modern electro-acoustic sensibilities which opened new avenues for exploration. 

Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Song Writer, Vocalist

Interview with Zawose on VOM Collaboration
Kwata Fagio World Fusion Single

Tutafanyaje Gogo Fusion Single

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Collaboration Repetoire

Kwata Fagio - Vocalist/Song Writer/Instrumental/Marimba

Tutafanyaje - Musical Arrangement/Song Composition/Instrumental/Vocals

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Msafiri Zawose and Voice of Maasai
Msafiri Zawose and Voice of Maasai
Msafiri Zawose and Voice of Maasai


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