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Serengetidipity, when two unlikely things come together in a creative and beneficial way....

...encompasses all of what the last decade has come to mean. It's my word, a philosophy, an open mind, an ethos of discovery, a thriving inner nature; it's how I dreamt up the music label, formed valuable relationships and pushed the boundaries of possibility.  

I believe that the arts are a profession of insight, rigor and practicality which can be used as an agent for social change. Holding a Bachelor's degree in Communications in the Arts from University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, my professional experience includes Fine Art, Event Coordination, Project Management, Business Development, Graphic Design and Entrepreneurship.

In 2006, I was nominated as an Emerging Artist at the Peninsula Art School in Door County WI for a series of research-based artwork titled MyPOP (My Print on Poverty) which eventually resulted in a sponsorship to volunteer internationally. In 2011, I journeyed to the Serengeti of Tanzania for a month of volunteering with Cross Cultural Solutions.


While finishing up my placement at a women's center in Moshi, I was extended an invitation to see a Maasai choir performance. After the moving act, the women started a dialogue about their plight and asked for my help in sharing their story. Inspired and intensely energized by the discussion, I was piqued with an idea to record and produce a music CD of the choir.


I returned home and for the next year diligently researched logistics and fundraising ideas to accomplish the goal of producing an album. In summer of 2012, I set-off for Tanzania for the recording.


The original album has since evolved into the official independent label and currently has a talent roster of over 45 artists and content creators, featuring original music, podcast, articles and competitions for emerging talent in Maasailand.


My vision has always been to advance opportunities, crack stereotypes and build bridges for creative talent, Voice of Maasai has allowed me to stretch the boundaries of possibilities and usher individual creative potential.


Read each artist Serengetidipity Discovery; the unique encounter I doted on and developed into our roster of talent. This is how we keep making awesome new music and building on this creative venture!

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