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Voice of Maasai official artist

Serengetidipity Discovery

2023, following a meeting with a small group of Maasai men, a slender soft-spoken gentlemen asked for my contact info. He promptly followed-up with a meeting request and the next day we sat together over chai and launched conversation about women's rights in Maasai communities.


He proceeded with a pitch of young and talented female vocalist from his community. His articulate claim that her talents would align with interests of VOM made an impression on me; here was this young man, willing to buy me tea and share his authentic perspective, I quietly filled with pride and celebrated the fact that VOM has earned a place in the hearts of the Maasai community and welcomed a meeting of what was described of this blooming and eager young woman.

~ Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen


Pendo Moringe, lyricist and singer from Kitwai Simanjiro, Manyara District, joins VOM with a feminine tone, youthful appeal and laser-focused objectives to use her music as a positive influence within her community. Pendo is trilingual and has advanced education in pharmaceutical studies. 

Pendo Moringe

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Pendo Moringe with Voice of Maasai in Arusha


Latest Release
I want to help my community by being a role model, especially for children in tricky situations. Through my music, I can share my pride in our culture and show the younger generation what is possible when you build confidence and develop talents.

Pendo Moringe, teams up with Alex Lobulu to embrace an upbeat calypso sound for latest release, Irmaasai Lang (Our Maasai). Using lyrical creativity to express the soul of the people, Pendo becomes a voice of Maasai consciousness with a feminine
and youthful appeal.

Pendo Moringe with Voice of Maasai in Arusha
Pendo Moringe with Jessey Jansen in Arusha
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