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All the Ladies in the Boma, Say Pendo

Jessey Jansen with Pendo Moringe
L to R: Jessey, Elka, Pendo

Let's throw our hands up for the resourceful, industrious and unrelentingly resilient women of Maasai communities.

Young Pendo Moringe, from Kitwai Simanjiro, is the latest addition to our talent roster in our continued commitment to amplifying female talent of the Kilimanjaro Region.

Despite demanding domestic responsibilities put on Maasai women, ambitions of enterprise and empowerment are Pendo's laser-focused objective. Determined to use her music and VOM platform for championing her community, her goals include solving local problems with local influence.

Pendo is 22 years old, an impressionable age where tension between interdependence and independence is still critical. I see a strong, caring, go-getter, a fear-tackler, unafraid to stand up for what she believes in, if she can continue on this uplifting path, I trust she can be an optimistic advocate for her peers and larger community and a bright star in our ever-expanding label.


New female voice of consciousness, Pendo Moringe, debut single released Aug 4 on all global distribution platforms


Voice of Maasai focuses on producing uplifting music through co-writes and collaborations in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We connect a global audience with emerging Maasai talent to provide authentic and nuanced perspectives of the Savannah's of East Africa and to use music as a vehicle for social bonding.


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