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Mokia Naputu

Voice of Maasai Official Production

Serengetidipity Discovery

2018, before my flight to Tanzania, I received an energetic and rather lengthy introduction via VOM website: a youthful Maasai man was hoping to meet and share some ideas. I thought to myself, what's there to lose, so I arranged a meeting at the Mount Meru hotel in Arusha. My first impression was of a very bright mind that needed a platform to share his educated Maasai perspectives and aspiring goals for his homeland.

~ Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen



Mokia Naputu Mollel, a Maasai from Simanjiro District in the northern part of Tanzania, Professor at the University of Dar Es Salaam. He uses Voice of Maasai platform to empower knowledge and teach others about Maasai culture and the issues they face.

Jessey Jansen and Mokia Naputu in Arusha
MOkia Naputu
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