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Voice of Maasai Official Artist

Attu Medicine

Serengetidipity Discovery

2022, Jeremy Tum, part of our Arusha team, caught wind of Attu and pitched me about development of her talents. Struck by Attu’s determination and vocal prowess, a collaboration transpired featuring male vocalist Zungu Pori and Attu Medicine for the recording of bongo flava song, Karibu Tanzania, Attu’s introduction to the industry.

~ Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen


Attupele Geofrey was born in Iringa Tanzania in 1991 and started singing as a young girl to help cope with a challenging night blindness disability. “Family and friends would say my voice healed them, made them feel good, it was their medicine,” comments Attu. 

With this encouragement, she kept singing, and as a young adult adopted Attu Medicine as her stage name. Her path complicated when she became a young single mother but despite the pressures, she believes that her vocal talents could be the bridge to better opportunities, earnestly working her craft she will not give up on her aspirations.

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Attu Medicine
Karibu Tanzania album art


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