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New Hip-hop from Heart of World

Karibu Tanzania cover art

Nurturing talent through co-writes and collaborations, VOM and Vichwa Vya Habari partner with Zungu Pori and Attu Medicine from Saanya Juu Kilimanjaro for our new release, Karibu Tanzania. A catchy hip-hop anthem getting the word out about resilience, riches and promises of their nation.

The hopeful poets flow fresh personal style sheathed in the intoxicating peaceful rhythm Tanzanians effortlessly embody. Jumping-off with a smooth call-out to Gen Z, followed with cautionary tales of history and teachable moments, the male-female duo raps and reps out for happenings in their beloved nation of Tanzania.

Voice of Maasai Feat Zungu Pori
Zungu Pori

"I wrote this song out of passion and patriotism I have for my home, Tanzania. I want people to know how beautiful this country is and use my art to persuade people to visit attractions within its astonishing nature, amazing people and different cultures. Tanzania is literally the heart of the world and mother of all. From wherever you are around the world, you and anyone around you, we warmly welcome you to visit the land of Serengeti, Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro, Zanzibar and the thousand wonders you won't see elsewhere in the world," Zungu Pori.

Voice of Maasai feat Attu Medicine
Attu Medicine

Drop it on repeat, tour the vast lands and lap the beaches; from our family to yours, welcome, Karibu Tanzania.


Zungu Pori, Featured Rapper/Lyricist

Attu Medicine, Featured Lyricist/Vocalist

P Virus, Producer

Jessey Jansen, Cover Art



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