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10YR Anniversary Choir Album

2022 GDUSA Award Winner

Hear The Love

Deep in the African bush is intimate knowledge of the natural world rooted in convictions of spiritual love and traditions of the Maasai. Ormelili Choir from the Hai District lift mere dialogue to a sensory exploration with emotive and uplifting gospel music on the release of our 10YR celebratory album, Upendo (Love).


With over a decade of experience building Voice of Maasai, we have gained quite a notable reputation for our collaborative spirit. Not content to rest on the laurels, Jessey teamed up with Angel Mollel, recipient of VOM 2021 Remarkable Women Award, to produce our second full choir album. Angel's community choir, including some of her family members, caravanned to the studio where Alex was jazzed to work together in producing our 10YR celebratory album, Upendo.

Ormelili Village Choir Album

Album includes 8 original songs flitting between Maasai Gospel, Calypso, Chakacha, Makirikiri, Blues and Traditional. From Ormelili Village, the choir consists of men and women, ages 15 - 60. Listen to full album and become part of our inner circle by collecting our Limited Edition Album Art. Inner Circle of Collectors receive exclusive art, password protected access to full music catalog, lyric translations and more!

Special thanks to all the men and women of the choir and Ormelili community with distinguished acknowledgements going to:

Producer/Composition/Instrumentalist (bass guitar, keyboard): Alex Lobulu

Co-Composer: Joel Sadock

Songwriters: Paulo Tokoine Mollel, Helena Mishileki, Naishooki, and Gustavu Kitomal

Choir leaders: Renny Shao, Jenes Gabriel Mamasita

Choir facilitator: Angel Mollel

Lyric Translations: Pastor Seth Sululu

Album Art: Jessey Jansen

A love portrait at heart, we are eager to impart the rich story of this epic album. Visit Upendo


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