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Remiti Choir

Serengetidipity Discovery

2011, I received an invitation to see a Maasai choir performance from the women's collective where I had been volunteering. After a dusty bumpy ride out to the bush, we were greeted with a moving choir performance; you know, the kind that makes the hair on your arms raise or sends that tickle through your nose up to the tear ducks of your eyes. Attentive to the extraordinary thing that was happening inside me, a few Maasai women walked me down an acacia lined path and started a dialogue about their plight; one mama gently asked if I had ideas on how to help them share their story. A bit taken back by the genuine request, I softly muttered, "why don't we use your singing voices."


Intensely energized by the discussion, but boarding my flight home the next day, I was consumed by the idea to record and produce a music CD of the Maasai choir. I returned to the US and for the next year diligently researched logistics and fundraising ideas to accomplish the goal of producing an album. In summer of 2012, I set-off for Tanzania for the recording. 

~Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen


The enchanting choir of Remiti Tanzania share a tradition of song and spirited culture with this spellbinding and empowering collection of music. A grassroots and uplifting collection that tells the story of the Maasai's livelihood and the changing space of one of the world's most valuable landscapes, Maasailand and the Savannah's of East Africa.

Spirited Folk
2015 Brand Award, Green Festival LA
2014 American Package Design Award, Graphic Design USA

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