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We hope to stir the heart, inspire the imagination and bring eternal joy to the soul.

If you enjoy visiting our potential platform, support our artists by downloading music direct from our website and follow links to support in other ways.

Jessey Jansen, Voice of Maasai Founder
Message from Founder

Inner Circle of Collectors

Limited Edition Album Art

Collect our award winning limited edition album art, made from layers of cut paper, meticulously designed and arranged inside wooden shadowbox frames + receive FREE music catalog, lyric downloads, access to pre-releases and exclusive content.


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Show our artists some love! We are a social enterprise, generosity of Good Samaritan Donors are not tax deductible and purely motivated by the welfare of others. 

Voice of Maasai owned by Little Lady Studio LLC


Help Share the Rhythms

Fans, you don't need to give money to contribute.

Help us get the word out by sharing our QR code in your social circles, with family, colleagues or at your small businesses. Its easy to share digitally but how about getting creative? Download, print and display at your desk or post on community bulletin?
Tenebo Oiye, We are Together

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