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Alex Lobulu


Audio Engineer, Video Director, Cinematographer, Song-writer, Music Composer, Producer

Maasai Blues Bossa Single
Reframing Tradition - World Fusion Single 
Gogo Fusion Single with Iconic Msafiri Zawose
Large Feat of Citizen Engagement Music Video
Wins Multi-Talented Personality of the Year
Alex Lobulu wins Top 5 Audio Producer

Master Mixing and New Lead Vocalist

2019 Multi-Talented Personality of the Year, Marantha Awards
2019 Top 5 Best Audio Producer, Maranatha Awards (M.A.TA)
2018 Embattled Land, Official Selection, BWIFF
2018 Embattled Land, Official Selection, Green Bay Film Festival
2016 Embattled Land, Best Jazz/World AMI Music Award


Serengetidipity Discovery

2012, when I set out to record the first album with Remiti choir, I entered a humble home studio above a mechanic shop in Arusha. Here I was introduced to a budding recording engineer, Alex Lobulu. Very little English was exchanged, but I sensed an air of professionalism from the young man. He was my point of contact for follow through of the album production and since those early days, I've never looked back and trust him to push limits of creative excellence. ~ Owner & Executive Producer, Jessey Jansen



VOM's producer and song-writer, Alex Lobulu, hails from Arusha. Lobulu is a self-taught producer and musician defying odds in a career that is often under-valued and under-paid, particularly in his part of the world.

Alex studies techniques online, mentors under other professionals and by sheer self-determination he learns the ropes.


His passion and keen skills help set Voice of Maasai apart from other musical talents coming out of Tanzania. Instead of focusing on the same combination of beats and techniques with new music, he solidifies the rare combination of art and technology that is performed with open ears, coupled with a desire to help create the best music listening experience possible.


Repertoire Acknowledgments

Uncommon - Song Writer/Vocalist/Composer/Producer

Kalo Shore Ele Lindaito - Song Composition/Musical Arrangement/Producer

Kwata Fagio - Song Writer/Vocalist/Composer/Producer

Tutafanyaje - Song Composition/Musical Arrangement/Producer/Vocalist

Enyito Korongoro - Song Composition/Musical Arrangement/Producer

Mitonie Enjalan - Musical Arrangement/Producer

I've Got You - Mixing/Mastering/Producer

Najitazama - Songwriter/Mixing/Mastering/Producer

Embattled Land - Songwriter/Musical Arrangement/Producer/Videographer

New Youth Maasai - Songwriter/Musical Arrangement/Producer

Remiti Choir Album - Songwriter/Musical Arrangement/Producer

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