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How about Starting 2024 with a Dream

Alex Lobulu and Jessey Jansen

Thriving Relationship Keys Up New Dream Collab with Composer Alex Lobulu - Lyricist Jessey Jansen

I have been secretly writing lyrics for the last decade, I thought it was time to bring them to life with Alex as composer. I mean how simple and beautiful is that? Alex has this marvelous way of seeing the words and being able to quickly and thoughtfully compose.

We’ve honed our skills to such a degree that this new endeavor is off to a running start as we are working up a list of breakthrough songs. I write about love and relationships with central characters who are not necessarily losing in life, but not winning either, touching emotional territory that resonates cross-culturally. While Alex applies his Tanzanian accent, gospel-inflections, and melodic compositional style, we uniquely balance stark lyrical honesty with the highly rhythmic East African sound.

We really challenge one another, I mean we’ve crossed international borders, dealt with language barriers and different cultural perspectives, but we still have fun and trust one another whole-heartedly.

We believe that accepting one another's differences is part of existence, the path to peace. The doors to a multitude of opportunities that continue to open new friendships, new understandings, new travel, new business, and new dreams to be revealed.

Dream, our debut single, will be released in the upcoming weeks, in English. The emotionally-driven track is guaranteed to set your sails in new directions.


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