If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to

go far, go together. ~ African Proverb

We are an East African music collective, focused on empowering individual creativity in and around Maasailand. We strive to create fresh and dynamic music with strong regional identity around Maasailand and the greater Kilimanjaro Region in Tanzania. Our repertoire currently includes gogo, bongo flava, hip-hop, traditional folk, soul and gospel. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide a platform for expression and professional growth for emerging talent in Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We focus on connecting a global audience with emerging Maasai talent to provide an authentic and nuanced view of the Savannah's of East Africa and create unique opportunities for our artists to succeed. 

Our Philosophy

Our success is due to what the Founder has identified as the C-Factor: Creativity builds Confidence, Confidence leads to Character, Character strengthens Communities

Meet Our Founder

Founder, Jessey Jansen, has 20+years’ experience in fine arts, graphic design, project management and social entrepreneurship. Her goal with Voice of Maasai is to create a platform for emerging talent to earn a supplemental income and share their story evoking the authenticity, independence and rhythm of Maasailand. She is inspired by the strength, strife and dynamism of this landscape.

Why This Matters

The Maasai, famous as herders and warriors, live in the semi-arid Rift Valley Region of Kenya and Tanzania. Traditionally the Maasai have always been a proud and independent pastoralist tribe that did not depend on cultivated land and a cash economy, rather they lived off the blood, milk and meat that their cattle provided them. 

As globalization increasingly results in evictions of the Maasai from their homeland, the youth stand at a precipice, hemmed in on all sides as their traditional social patterns and way of life are disrupted, though their spirit remains strong. Finding ways forward in their increasingly changing world, they need to be heard, their stories be told. Our goal is to help bridge this gap by providing a platform for expression and professional growth for emerging talent.


"Serengetidipity, when two unlikely things come together in a happy and beneficial way"

Message From Jessey

In 2006, post bachelor degree, I was nominated as an emerging artist for a series of research based artwork titled, MyPOP (My Print on Poverty). The work resulted in a sponsorship to volunteer internationally; in 2011 I journeyed to Tanzania.

As I visited Maasailand with a local women’s collective, I was invited to see a performance by a Maasai choir. After the moving performance, the mama’s approached me and started a dialogue about their plight. I was intensely energized but was departing Tanzania the following day.


I boarded my flight consumed by the idea to record and produce a music CD of the choir. I returned to the US and for the next year diligently worked on finding resources, coordinating logistics and fundraising. In summer of 2012, I set-off for Tanzania for the recording.


The original album has since evolved into the official independent label and currently has a talent roster of over 25 artists, featuring original music, podcasts, articles and competitions for emerging talent in Maasailand.


My vision has always been to advance opportunities, crack stereotypes and build bridges for creative talent. Voice of Maasai has allowed me and my team to stretch boundaries of possibilities for everyone involved and we are proud to push creative potential!