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Climate Gogo Single with Iconic Msafiri Zawose

Tutafanyaje (What Shall We Do) flits between dotted lyrical harmonies, rapped verses and interlocking techniques. Drawing from the popular Tanzanian Gogo sound that mixes traditional East African instruments with multiple vocalists, the contagious and transient sound swiftly expresses the glory and wonder of nature sitting at the cost of people and their shifting perspectives for our planet's security. Vocalists include the admired Msafiri Zawose, Pendo John, DPrince Casmir and Alex Lobulu.

Insightful and spontaneous, Zawose hits powerful chords with a voice that raises and defines him while Lobulu interprets an urgent resilience with instrumental arrangements and contributing vocalist harmonies. Rap by DPrince Casmir and smooth refrain by Pendo John round out the composition. The fused marimba, songwriting and multi-instrumental beats pattern from complimentary participation to achieve the overall continuity of the song.

"We pulled off a neat trick: This catchy smooth fusion feels fresh, evolving beyond traditional African music."

The collaboration came about after Jessey Jansen, Founder/Manager of VOM, had appealed to Zawose to produce a song for Beyond Music's climate song competition.

"I am convinced we are making musical history and we are delighted and honored to host gogo-fusion prodigy and African icon Msafiri Zawose. I can see this as a start to an enduring relationship." Jessey Jansen

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Song Composition/Alex Lobulu, Msafiri Zawose

Music Arrangements Instrumental/Alex Lobulu

Music Arrangements Marimba/Msafiri Zawose

Vocalists/ Alex Lobulu, Msafiri Zawose, Pendo John, DPrince Casmir

Production/Alex Lobulu

Album Art/Jessey Jansen

Executive Producer/Voice of Maasai


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