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Official Announcement: New Recording Studio

SO happy to FINALLY share this news! I can officially tell you that we are building our very own Arusha-based recording studio, on property owned by Alex Lobulu and his wife! For the last 10+ years, Voice of Maasai partnered with AFLOB, Alex's recording studio, in a rental space that is now being converted into a hotel. Suddenly at a crossroads, big decisions needed to be made.

Trust has been the cornerstone of our success. Alex and I have worked through many challenges and obstacles over the years but our abiding respect for one another allows for continued advancements of the label. The business world, let alone the music world, is full of uncertainty and surprising turns, we've dealt with our fair share. Knowing what dangers lurk in our world and how these risks will affect daily operations, let alone future growth, has been a big part of the risk assessment for all our investments. Our major risks include economic uncertainties, security, technology issues, and natural disasters, and how to mitigate in a practical and sustainable way.

Identifying our risks is a continuous process, but one that has shined a bright light for a proactive approach, staying flexible to social context issues and remaining firm to quality control.

The new studio is exciting for all VOM team but is particularly significant to our producer Alex. He has emerged into a prominent and sought-after professional in the music scene in Arusha. Outside of VOM, Alex is a sound engineer, producer and director who makes a living in music. As always, I have deep admiration for Alex and his ability to adapt and develop, his sourcing and project management prowess is remarkable; I once again stand in awe of this resilient individual who I get to call a business partner, but more importantly a dear friend.

We are so excited to take these next steps and invite you to remain at our side as we welcome in a new era for Voice of Maasai. Karibu sana, opening information in the upcoming weeks.


Friends, Fans and Music Lovers who stand by our side,

We applaud your imagination to continue to bring forth the Voice of Maasai portfolio of cultural documentation, creative expression and music that will influence generations in years to come. We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to donating, and we are so grateful that you consider donating to our cause!

To show our appreciation, Music Lovers receive early access to new releases, free downloads of full music catalog, lyric translations, access to exclusive Serengetidipity Photo Essay and more!

Wishing you years of Serengetidipity !

~Jessey Jansen

When two unlikely things come together in a creative and beneficial way!


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