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Evictions in Ngorongoro and Hardships for Studio

In late April, VOM team began a music road-tour, visiting Maasai communities while sharing our new album release, Upendo (Love). The tour was abruptly halted as conflict reports started to surface in June. Our beloved artists and their families are under threat of losing their home in the Ngorongoro District but currently remain safe from the violence. Many more are facing terrible calamities and displacement (report by United Nations).

As we navigate this current crisis and any impact on our artists and our label, we are staying aware, communicating daily and making efforts the team is staying emotionally and physically healthy. Our studio equipment has failed to complicate matters, so we urgently need a new mixer and iMac. As we adapt to the everchanging circumstances, assistance is required in the following ways:

What you can do to help:

DONATION FOR EQUIPMENT = continue providing a voice for the voiceless

DOWNLOAD MUSIC = royalties for our artist mean foot on the mobility ladder

SHARE VIDEO = awareness and urgent call-to-action

To show our deep appreciation, donations of $50 or more receive exclusive access to full downloadable music catalog, lyric translations and more!


Nemaa Koshuma's Citizen Engagement Video Enyito Koronogoro released in Feb 2022 from Kakesio Village Ngorongoro District. VOM artists are consistently flexing their ingenuity and persistence by maximizing meager resources to take on feats of citizen engagement. Their willingness to make long hauls, remain flexible and quickly adapt to the unexpected results in tremendous success in sharing a critical and informed perspective of Ngorongoro District and the people who call it home.

Message from Founder

We promise to keep steering our label in a direction that will help Amplify Maasai Voices and share the story of the Savannah’s of East Africa through the lens of those who call it home. The royalties generated from sales of our music gives our artists a piece of mind that they can provide for their families.

We are a social enterprise, meaning we are in business as a force for good. Good Samaritan Donations are not tax deductible and purely motivated by the welfare of others. We are forever grateful to those committed to helping build this label and empower our artists. #maasaievictions #ngorongorodistrict #maasailand #stopmaasaievictions


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