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Excellence in Design Award 2022

2022 GDUSA Award Winner
Hip Hip Hooray! Hongera Sana! We Won!

Award of Excellence in Design for Limited-Edition album art, Kalo Shore Ele Lindaito (what Kind of Friend are You) on Neenah Astrobright paper. With over 10 consecutive years of award recognition from Graphic Design USA, Jessey Jansen shares her inspiration behind the art.

Voice of Maasai album art combines my artistic skills with my passion for helping others. Sold as limited editions, it is an actionable way for our fans to be the catalyst for budding Maasai talent.

The design for Kalo Shore Ele Lindaito album art is centered around vocalist Nemaa Koshuma and his pioneering spirit. His courage to use song to raise his voice about progress while keeping his mind about his traditions is truly admirable. I try to put myself in his shoes, into the labyrinth, the meandering path, the confusing human-made structures that affect life in Maasailand and the Serengeti. Circular elements weave their way into my designs as they are central in Maasai culture; from body marks to migration patterns in nature, to aerial views of the vast countryside dotted with circular bomas, you sense connectivity all around. The format is inspired by the nostalgic 12" vinyl record covers, paying homage to keeping the music (the story) alive. Signed artwork made from six vibrant layers of cut paper.

When purchasing this VOM limited edition (edition of 10), you become part of our inner circle of collectors that receive Exclusive Album Art, Free Music Downloads and much more. Collect here


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