2021 Year End Recap

Owner Jessey Jansen on Success

Dear Warriors, Fans & Friends,

We all know what the path to success really looks like and 2021 cannot be neatly outlined. Worldwide issues and challenges ran the gamut from unprecedented demands for greater diversity and equality; climate change; and slippery experiments on democracy. As we started the new year in the USA, the capitol was attacked by a violent mob of Trump supporters who sought to overturn his defeat, while in Tanzania the blatant Covid19 coverup, propagated under late authoritarian President Magufuli, fostered widespread skepticism and fear. The worldwide dam broke open as people took back to the streets with masked protests and collective activism.

Here at VOM, our potential platform is being applied to continue to demonstrate what can happen when a collective spirit is courageous enough to support the least powerful among us. We aren't doing it with guns or raised fists, instead we are applying our voices with meaningful creativity to add some brightness to this world.

For us, this adds up to a happy convergence of

ability and capability.

Angel Mollel and Alex Lobulu