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Radio Airtime Across Tanzania

DJ's across Tanzania are filling the airwaves with our new release Kwata Fagio and exclusive interviews with Msafiri Zawose. We have been tracking the daily shows with this google map and will continue to post upcoming show announcements on IG and FB. Tune in and don't miss out. Let's keep the momentum going, see how you can HELP below!

Fans, we could use your HELP!

1. Add Kwata Fagio on your Spotify playlist which helps us get bumped on the algorithm radar! 2. Link over to the map, find the stations IG handle in the city descriptions and send them a direct message on IG about how much you love our new song! Remember to tag us so we can feel the love!

Sending a big shout out to the team in Tanzania, especially Jeremy Tum for hitting the ground running and making this airtime schedule happen and to Msafiri Zawose for his undying interview energy!


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