New Folk Single and Special Tour

Award-winning vocalist Nemaa Koshuma and songwriter/producer Alex Lobulu take you deep within Ngorongoro District to share another new single "Enyito Korongoro"(Awake Ngorongoro).

A call-to-action, Nemaa's story expresses undeniable sensibilities to standing at a precipice, as his traditional social patterns and way of life are disrupted, but his spirit remains strong. His plea urges individual responsibility and education as essential steps to conserving land and protecting resources that have nurtured his people for generations.

From the comfort of your home, join us on this special visit to Nemaa's boma in Ngrongoro District in Tanzania.

Nemaa at recording studio in Arusha

Nemaa's matured voice coupled by Alex's evolution as a recording engineer and producer has resulted in a slow build of unique skills, sound and style, continuing to set Voice of Maasai apart from other musicians coming out of Tanzania.

Alex Lobulu and Nemaa Koshuma

Instead of focusing on the same combination of beats and techniques with new music, Alex solidifies the rare combination of art and technology that is performed with open ears, coupled with a desire to help create the best music listening experience possible.

Swahili/English Lyric sheet included with song download

Announcement: We have just finished filming for the official music video and hope you enjoy the boma tour in the meantime.

Call for Support: We could really use your support, this year more than ever. Your support will go a long way in helping us sustain the Voice of Maasai indie music label.


Song Composition/Alex Lobulu

Music Arrangements Instrumental/Alex Lobulu

Production/Alex Lobulu

Vocalists/ Nemaa Koshuma, Catrina

Executive Producer/Voice of Maasai

Album Art/Jessey Jansen

Voice of Maasai music collective and label - Empowering emerging talent from Maasailand and beyond - Austin Texas to Arusha Tanzania

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