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Success in Tanzania

VOM Manager Jessey Jansen

Back in my ATX studio after my productive and renewing trip to Tanzania. So much accomplished at the recording studio in Arusha which has cued up endless projects for me in the Austin management studio.

Thank you to the entire Maasai community for your years of warm welcomes and kindness, I was truly brought to tears.

L to R: Alex Lobulu, Nemaa Koshuma, Jessey Jansen
Left to right: Alex, Nemaa, Jessey

Highlights: Getting the gang back together

was the best of all! Nemaa, Alex and I picked up right where we left off with fruitful creative time in the receording studio. Talent scouting was victorious, we are currently working with new female Maasai vocalist who we feel has a notable story to share with our growing fans! Next, our 10YR anniversary safari celebration with my producer and his wife, honoring their years of work and support on the label. We also ran a very successful sticker campaign #stuckonvom in A-town, sending a big shout-out to all who added key energy and enthusiasm!

Maasai female vocalist #stuckonvom

Reveal: One of my favorite aspects of VOM is creating the album art! Yes, new album art means new music! I am pulling out all the symbolic colors of time-honored Maasai traditions for our new EP. We have been working on this special experimental release for awhile now, to provide our fans with more fresh and authentic sounds out of Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzanian.

Left to right: Jessey Jansen, Judy Lobulu, Alex Lobulu
L to R: Jessey Jansen, Judy Lobulu, Alex Lobulu

EP Vocals by Nemaa Koshuma and Alex Lobulu will infuse a mix of Maa and English lyrics as a deliberate call out to our worldwide listeners and the goals of VOM label. Focused on creating something novel while embodying the roving spirit of the Maasai, the EP targets a fusion of optimistic sounds and mellow transitions to express ingenuity of time-honored Maasai culture.

Release date and more info to be announced early next week.

We love you fans and can't do this without you. Small actions matter and with your support we are able to continue to provide a platform for our Maasai artists to share their critical story and empower their families.

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