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Studio Tour Arusha to Austin

Home is where the heart is and for us, where the studio is. We welcome you.

The world keeps changing, yet our industry has gone static. Events, interactions, travel, shows and collaboration spaces have all ceased. Our bank statements show no sales. Figuring out our new reality and rallying to reframe what success can mean for us is our priority in both ways bitter and sweet.

The sweet, as I sit in my "innovation station" aka my closet, I have fully come to understand that the cross-continent collaboration we started about 10 years ago, is now effectively managed remotely from across the world. I feel tremendously proud, optimistic and infinitely fascinated by the capacity of human connection and comraderies' that can flourish with technology and love. We have come a long way and do not plan to throw in the towel.

We hope you enjoy the studio tour and look forward to some very exciting music releases and announcements in the upcoming months. Stay tuned! If you'd like to continue to help us weather this storm, you can find ways to support us here.


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