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New Soul Hip Hop Release

New vocal talent DPrince Casmir, ft Dorcas Hezekiah and composer Alex Lobulu render a smooth single of soul hip-hop, I've Got You.

Throwing their own artistry in making some Tanzanian musical history, the song flits between rapped verses and soulful suggestions of the spiritual. Casmir, a hardworking entrepreneur, maps out his story lyrically and turns the spotlight on pride verse remorse and faith over agnosticism.

DPrince Casmir is a graduate from the Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD) in Arusha. He runs an alimony shop in Moshi Kilimanjaro and uses his music to expand worldviews and express his ideologies. More @dprince_casmir

Pre-Order song before it's released to the masses on Jan 27, 2020!

Inquires can be sent to



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