Invitation-only International Collaboration, Beyond Music

Our rhythms are pulsing globally, catching the ear of industry professionals. I am celebrating as Voice of Maasai has been invited to be part of the innovative global collaboration platform, Beyond Music. The idea behind Beyond Music is to unite professional musicians, composers, singers and songwriters on a single online platform to connect and collaborate. BM helps artists push through the boundaries of mainstream music and break through the confines of music industry standards, benefiting from cross cultural collaboration and creating entirely new genres of music. 

I have an abiding fantasy of receiving personal invitations from famous musicians to collaborate and instantly our music hits world charts. Of course this is my storybook version. But there is no denying that we already accomplished some star power of our own. Voice of Maasai exerts a force on dreamers and seekers. There's a sense of possibility and permission, an open-invitation to create your world from scratch. Our fans have told us so.

This is the spirit we celebrate and it seems particularly relevant with this invitation. We are so grateful for this opportunity and look forward to pursuing the platforms potential. Thank you Beyond Music.

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