Launch of Remiti Choir Album

In 2011, Founder Jessey Jansen first journeyed to Tanzania as result of a sponsorship she received to volunteer in a destination of her choosing. The sponsorship was a result of her series of work titled MyPOP which had an ambitious goal to use art as a purpose driven awareness tool in regards to issues of poverty.

As she visited Maasailand with a local women’s collective, she was invited to see a performance by Maasai vocalists. After the performance, the mama’s approached her and started a dialogue  about their plight. They asked for help in sharing their story and Jessey took the request seriously. From there, Jessey envisioned a music album that would provide a platform for the individuals to share their stories and generate a supplemental royalty income through sales of the music.

She set off on the open-ended journey and spent the next year coordinating logistics and raising funds through a kickstarter campaign for the production of the album. Through the support of the KS backers and the team on the ground in Tanzania, we are proud to announce the album is now available world-wide.

The album can be ordered directly from our website which includes bonus lyric translations from Swahili to English. The album is also available by download from most other common digital platforms!

The music will put you in the mood to kick-back and celebrate. Please continue to help us spread the word by sharing with all your friends on social media.

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