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New Inspirational Ballad, Dream

Dream Collab

East-west goals and far-reaching dreams, we are expanding our cross-cultural creative influence and demonstrating a bold and confident collaborative approach.

In our latest collab, Alex Lobulu applies his Tanzanian accent, gospel-inflections, and melodic compositional style, as Jessey writes about love and relationships with central characters who are not necessarily losing in life, but not winning either. Touching emotional territory that resonates cross-culturally, the two uniquely balance stark lyrical honesty with a rhythmic East African sound.

Opening on piano, Alex vocalizes a smooth hopeful ballad that captures the heart and soul of every dreamer. More than just a melody, this song presents the idea that dreaming is the first step to achieving what you want in life. Exploring connective relationships, the sensual song is a metaphor for goals, depicting a narrative of escape, while tapping into the universal experience of longing for success and fulfillment.

"This recent collaboration helps me to do better because of facing various challenges with new writing perspectives and the way we mix white and African culture, this will lead to a unique creativity unlike others" confesses Alex.

Jessey's Inspiration Behind the Album Art The bold colors and layered design of this album art conveys the essence of an explorative voyage and the potential of creativeness. Taking inspiration from thoughtfully designed postage stamps, the pictorials of the sun, sand castle, and sailboat symbolize power, society, and journey.


Out Now DREAM New Inspirational Ballad

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About Voice of Maasai

Voice of Maasai focuses on producing uplifting music through co-writes and collaborations in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. We connect a global audience with emerging Maasai talent to provide authentic and nuanced perspectives of the Savannah's of East Africa and to use music as a vehicle for social bonding.

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