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Updated Invitation to Elder Speaker Series

Thank you for your patience. The Elder Speaker Series has been rescheduled to Feb 24 11 AM (EST) due to technical difficulties. Please join The Nature Conservancy's Elder Speaker series about conservation with Maasai Alais Ole Morindat, Maasai from Tanzania on Jan 27 11AM (EST) on zoom. Register here

Alais ole-Morindat is a Maasai Mzee (Elder), pastoralist, warrior, cultural advocate and community leader from Arkaria, Tanzania. Mzee Alais Ole-Morindat has worked in the environment and development field in Tanzania with drylands livelihoods for more than 30 years. Currently, he is the Consultant and Coordinator of a project entitled “Devolved District Climate Finance and Planning Mechanisms in Tanzania” funded by UKAID. Prior to this he served as Programme Advisor to the project, Strengthening Voices, in Shaping Policies for Sustainable Environmental Management and Poverty Reduction in the Drylands of Tanzania a joint project of the Kimmage Development Studies Centre and the International Institute on Development and Environment, Dublin, Ireland.


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