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VOM Talent Search Surpassed Expectations

VOM Talent Search Winners in Simanjiro Tanzania

Our first talent search in Simanjiro District, Manyara Region Tanzania far surpassed original projections. Eighty-nine eager contestants auditioned throughout Lobosiret, Narakowa and Kimotorok, all swelling with community support and excitement. Some shuffled in out of curiosity, others walked great distances to compete but the majority responded to our call for talent with pre-registration and preparation.

Voice of Maasai Talent Search Simanjiro

Contestants were asked to perform the following three criteria to help the judges determine vocal abilities, range, pitch, harmonization, timing, interpersonal skills and other essentials.

1) freestyle song of their choosing w/out music

2) sing common hymn with pre arranged music

3) improvise a song to pre arranged music

We also arranged for translators of Kiswahili as many contestants only speak their native Maa language.

VOM Talent Search Simanjiro
First Registrants in Lobosiret

All contestants were given a fair shot in being selected as one of 10 finalists that proceeded onto the winners challenge. Judges scrutinized, noted and laughed their way through the productions of gifted vocalists and other comics, dancers and performers in their own right.

Day 1 auditions hosted in Lobosiret resulted in 4 finalists, day 2 in Narakawo resulted in 3 finalists and day 3 on Kimotorok resulted in 3 finalists, all received transportation stipend to attend winners round in Lobosiret on day 4.

VOM Talent Search Simanjiro
Day 1 Lobosiret final 4
VOM talent search Simanjiro
Day 2 Karakawo final 3
VOM Talent Search Simanjiro
Day 3 Kimotorok final 3

The final 10 arrived to Lobosiret by 9:30 AM to kick-off the winners round. Micro-expressions were a bit different this day as the winners package was in close grasp but only 3 could win. The fidgety and stiffness subsided as the team invited the contestants to do something natural, like jump, leap, or yell, which helped everyone laugh and loosen up.

Representing the best of Simamjiro, the top 3 WINNERS are:

First, Nai Yohana from Narakawo

Second, Jonas Eliya from Lobosiret

Thrid, Lamayani Tangwai from Lobosiret

VOM Talent Search Winners Simanjiro
Day 4 Lobosiret Winners
WHATS NEXT: Winners receive cash stipend, lifetime profile on VOM, media interviews, award certificates, medal, trophy and our sweet recording package. More info to come as we schedule studio time with all our winners and prepare for new music releases. We also plan to release a documentary highlighting this epic adventure! Thank you to all the individuals who made this competition a great success and to the Maasai communities who supported this creative endeavor.

Voice of Maasai Talent Search Simanjiro

Voice of Maasai Talent Search 2024
Jessey Jansen at Voice of Maasai Talent Search

Special recognition to TEAM VOM for their unflinching commitments, VOM VIP!

Organizer/Musical Composer/Instructor:

Alex Lobulu

Organizer/Community Facilitator/Registration:

Ting'ide Olopano, Pendo Moringe

Judges: Alex Lobulu, Pendo Moringe

Preparation: Judy Lobulu

Photographer: John Daved

MC: Barnabas

Sponsor/Content/Reporting/Arusha HQ:

Jessey Jansen

VOM Talent Search Simanjiro
Registration in Lobosiret


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