Happening This Week Mural Update


In collaboration with@theannoyinartist, @arushamerutz and @aftarusha, the incredible WACHATA CREW @wachata07 from Dar Es Salaam is in ARUSHA Town this week to complete our PUBLIC MURAL created in celebration of women's month.

Local Arusha artists and larger community, karibuni (welcome) to witness their magical skills and moving concept LIVE on the new Krokon Road (on your way to Posta/Lively lady) at the back of Arusha Meru International School.

Best viewing times are from mid morning of Friday 13th and Saturday 14th. See you there and don't forget to share!

To our loyal supporters, 6 DAYS remaining to help support the project and have your name recognized on our website and in the soon to be published book!

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