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From Grasslands of Serengeti to Glaciers of Alaska

"Another example of Serengetidipity, two unlikely things come together in a creative and beneficial way" says Founder, Jessey Jansen.

Voice of Maasai was the feature of a two hour radio show up in Sitka Alaska. One would say, two distinctively different locations but both offering a common thread of the fight, pride and traditions of indigenous cultures. While the radio show focused on East African music, we hope that a shared message of cultural pride, courage and the upbeat rhythms resonated with natives and locals alike.

Sending a very special thank you to Jasmine Shaw at University of Alaska and their public radio show in Sitka Alaska. Tune in here to listen to the show. Jessey made acquaintance with Jasmine Shaw on a kayaking expedition in Baja with NOLS Mexico." Read more of the NOLS journey here

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