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Life of Maasai Documentary

I am excited to announce our new documentary, Life of Maasai, presenting a unique opportunity to step into the life of a Maasai warrior and immerse in a world much different than your own. Please join us and we promise to take you on a journey that may change you forever. Watch via YouTube


Voice of Maasai short film provides an intimate look at one of the world’s most majestic and controversial landscapes by the people who call it home. By shining a light on everyday life of the Maasai, this documentary sets out to help share their critical voice of livelihood in the Savannah's of East Africa.

Hustle and Heart (1:52) Nemaa Koshuma, a modern day warrior and lead vocalist for Voice of Maasai, returns home from his job at a luxury lodge where he works as a mechanic to bring the gift of communication to his family. Taking destiny into his own hands, Nemaa keeps an eye on the future for his people.

Goat Slaughter (6:33) Nemaa and tribesmen walk us through field dressing a goat, sustenance of the Maasai diet. Yes, you see the slaughter and there is blood, this is where the meat comes from.

Earth Family (10:25) A life cycle in rhythm with nature is how the Maasai family survives. This dialogue-free short paces through a typical early day with Nemaa's family in the village portraying why no one cares more about protecting the grasslands in Africa than the Maasai, a culture relying on mother earth for sustenance and survival of their cattle.

We would like to thank family, friends, backers and support; without you, this work would not exist. Special thanks to my team and ever-evolving network in Tanzania, together we are making the world a richer place. Please continue to share with friends and family as we need patron support to keep moving forward.

Dedicated to the elephants that have fixed eyes with me. ~ Jessey Jansen

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