VOM Teams with Maasai Rap Artist RP Mbaula

Voice of Maasai and RP Mbaula team up to publish singles Nitai Eembe Koko (Drop the Razor Blade old Lady) and Kwetu Masaini (My Home is Maasailand).

Styling himself as a Maasai Rapper, RP Mbaula is largely influenced by the work of the late Mr Ebbo, Professor Jay and Mr II. In 2014 he released an album called Maitadoi Enauri (Let us Relax) which featured 8 songs, Matolikinoto, Kitii Tenebo and others. The album was well received and loved by many due to strong messages about life, culture and challenges across Maasailand.​

The independent energy of RP Mbaula caught the attention of VOM founder Jessey Jansen after the release of Nitai Eembe Koko music video created in partner with an organization out of the UK for an anti-FGM campaign. Shortly thereafter, a colleague of RP Mbaula proactively approached VOM eager to introduce more of RP's work to a label with shared sensibilities.