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New Opportunities for Artists

For years now I have been asked by fans how they can be part of Voice of Maasai. Although I would love for everyone to be involved, VOM is a bit like a puzzle, big vision but only a few pieces at a time come together.

I am thrilled to announce the next big piece VOM Award Competitions!

Providing emerging and professional visual artists the opportunity to develop a creative portfolio and to become part of our global collaboration. We are hosting bi-annual competitions in which participating artists/photographers and illustrators have the opportunity to be credited and published with Voice of Maasai.

Staying true to my mission of amplifying Maasai voices and building bridges for creative talent, this competition is unique and part of the solution of helping bridge the gap between opportunities and realities. The power of collaboration and teamwork is demonstrated time and time again and we hope this competition will inspire you to become part of our incredible community.

I will be sharing some of my working methodology and tip worksheets to help guide emerging talent and offer insight to the important steps in portfolio development. Click on the image to be directed to the submission page. Wish all entrants good luck!

VOM Award Comp Logo


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