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Kickstart our Public Art Project

"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings" Salvador Dali

Lets talk about ambition, that fierce feeling that can steer the wildest dreams into reality. The yearning desire to achieve a sharply molded objective spiked with enthusiasm for purpose. I am thrusting myself forward yet again in our goal to help more youth and adults in Maasailand and beyond to be involved in the benefits of our creative community. Our just launched Kickstarter campaign provides an opportunity for fans to learn more and be part of our public art project taking place in Arusha in celebration of International Women's Day!

Warrior Incentives

Have you dreamed about a safari in the fabled Serengeti or itched with curiosity to get your boots to the ground in Maasailand? From time to time, I open up invitations for a limited number of people to join me to visit the environment that has changed my life. This experience is like no other, local outfitters will provide us an exceptional and true cultural immersion through Tanzanian countryside with friends, not strangers.

Help Kickstart our project now! Accepting pledges through Mar 16!



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