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Completed Mural Captivates

I am beaming with pride as our community outreach project in Arusha concludes with great success.

After receiving numerous submissions in response to our open-call competition for mural artists, Wachata Crew - from Dar Es Salaam - brought their magical skills and moving concept to fruition in Arusha Town.

Impactful and resonating, the image declares the power of women as being creators of balanced communities. She is the ray of light that supports life, possessing strength and determination. She is a compass for empowerment for herself and the many whom she carries.

This image exemplifies my vision for Voice of Maasai label. I call it the C-factor: creativity leads to confidence which builds character that strengthens communities.

I am so proud of our team for rallying together to make this a huge success. Thank you to Wachata Crew (@wachata07) Alex Lobulu (@aflobstudio) Rukia Kurwa (@theannoyinartist) Arusha Meru International School (@arushhamerutz). The mural can be viewed at the new Krokon Road at the back of Arusha Meru International School. We would love to see our fans enjoying our public art, tag us @voiceofmaasai and we would love to share your photo with all of our fans.



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