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New Hip Hop Dance Single

Put your player on repeat for our hot new release, Dance, by Vychwa Vya Habari. We turned up the talent with three emerging artists, Baby Gramz (Arusha), Bruky the Emcee (Arusha) and Nyenza Emcee (Morogoro). The kaleidoscopic pulse in the video suggests an effortlessly cool vibe resonating in dance clubs not only across Africa but worldwide.

Call to Action:

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Music Produced by: Ovarkodz (Arusha), Noiz Maker(Arusha)

Video/Graphics Produced by: Jessey Jansen

Executive Producer: Jessey Jansen, Voice of Maasai


Vichwa Vya Habari (The Headlines) the African Hip Hop/Bongo Flava music group whose lyrical content is based on inspiring youth to overcome poverty and self-deprecation in Maasailand and Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. The Bongo Flava genre developed in the 1990s, mainly as a derivative of American hip hop, with additional influences from reggae, R&B, afrobeat, dancehall, and traditional Tanzanian styles such as taarab and dansi, a combination that forms a unique style of music.

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