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From one Maasai Mama to now serving over 45 individual artists and 60K+ fans


Repertoire includes

Bongo Flava, Gogo Fusion, Hip Hop, Traditional, Folk, Soul and Gospel, Empowering creativity in and around Maasailand and Greater Kilimanjaro


Austin to Arusha
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3 Days of Street Art in Arusha
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I realized Voice of Maasai is at the epicenter of change that we have been dreaming for a long time, particularly for marginalized persons.

I love what you're doing, it gives hope for the young people like me. 

~ Kenya

We love that you are breaking the mold on how success is determined. The partnership and melding of skills and talents is remarkable. Thank you for all you do and for giving us authentic music from Tanzania!

~ Uganda


The CD is wonderful, congratulations to the whole production-team and the choir! I presented some songs yesterday during the UN-festival at the Odeonsplace in the center of music. The music is full of joy, light and spirit, especially the young voices are clear and full of inspiring fire!

~ Germany


We appreciate your work, it is beautiful music. We love the Maasai.

~ Mwanza, Tanzania


Listening to Voice of Maasai brings a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. The capacity to transport me to another world, especially when I’m sipping my coffee in the cold winter days of Wisconsin, keeps this CD at an arm’s length! The voices of the young choir members are soothing and bright, and affirm the progress being made in this community with creative efforts like this CD. It makes me happy to be a small part of this journey, knowing that proceeds from my purchase(s) help continue initiatives towards this incredible journey! Bravo to all of those involved!