YeeHaw Battle Cry Support

Jambo and Yeehaw VOM fans! Wherever life finds you right now... let out that battle cry!

I am so proud of my team as we have expanded into multiple genres and we keep finding new ways to immerse, share and expand our creativity and worldview.

It’s been quiet, for all of us - socially. Our vibes however are still pulsing in the studio and we are working up more new songs and competitions to keep the creativity alive. Have you heard our new song, Usikate Tamaa (Do Not Give Up)? Nyenza, a rapper/emcee from Morogoro Tanzania is know for his catchy and abundant lyrics. This perfectly balanced rap measures an encouraging message in these challenging times.

Activate your Warrior Spirit: I am working very diligently to keep this label thriving but I can't do it alone. Please consider supporting us with a donation or support other ways, everything helps.

Later this week we will be sharing exciting announcements of a few things we have brewing. I wish healthy days ahead to my team, to all of our fans and to every world citizen. Thanks for sticking with the Voice of Maasai journey and encourage you to continue to download and share our music in support of our artists... we are working for a better world.

Jessey Jansen

~ From Austin to Arusha


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