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PREMIER Watch Party Invitation

3 Days of Street Art Arusha, a definitive look at our public art project for International Women’s Day 2020 in Arusha Tanzania premiers on May 18th on YouTube.

As we all hunker down and find ways to stay positive during the Corona pandemic, we transport you to the streets of Arusha Tanzania as our team makes magic before your eyes in this short documentary. Join us as we all watch and comment together for the live premier on May 18th, set reminder here.

In these uncertain times, we have quietly been working to keep our online platform up-to-date and engaging as to enable you, our fans, to continue to support our artists. Please join us on this cross-cultural celebration and journey of empowerment. And we don't want to leave you hanging, so while you wait for the premier on Monday, explore where we live and work from our new interactive google map.

"This project is too magnanimous for words. It is the culmination of years of relationship building and determination to help others succeed. We hope many bystanders take pause as they pass the wall on Crokon Road in Arusha." ~Jessey Jansen

Special recognition and thanks to Wachata Crew (@wachata07) Alex Lobulu (@aflobstudio) Rukia Kurwa (@theannoyinartist) Arusha Meru International School (@arushhamerutz). The mural can be viewed at the new Krokon Road at the back of Arusha Meru International School. We would love to see our fans enjoying our public art, tag us @voiceofmaasai and we would love to share your photo with all of our fans.

Learn how you can help Amplify Maasai Voices here



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