Call for Mural Artist

We are seeking proposals for outdoor mural art in Arusha Tanzania. Please submit concept and form for consideration.

Theme 1: Mama Africa/International Women's Day

Theme 2: Music Connects, Voice of Maasai


Criteria: Must be thought provoking, uplifting and incorporate Voice of Maasai Logo. Must provide a visual concept of one of two themes above. 

Spec: Mural will be installed on an outdoor cement wall, please include supply/material expense in budget.

Submission Deadline: Feb 20, 2020

Mural Installation Date: March 2020

We are an indie East African music and media label, focused on uplifting music in and around Maasailand. Our fan base is primarily ages 20-40 from Tanzania and Kenya with additional global listeners. Listen to all of our current music to get a feel for our current sound. Stretch your imagination around the given theme and create artwork that speaks to our fans!

*Please keep in mind that we are a grassroots label so budget proposal should be competitive and modest.

*Only submissions with visual concept will be considered

VOM Logo can be used in once of two ways, please download logo graphic here

Here's Your Chance 
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Voice of Maasai music and media, emerging talent from Maasailand and beyond

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