From Founder Jessey Jansen

"Serengetidipity, when two unlikely things come
together in a happy and beneficial way"

We inherit problems and possessions, but pursuits are determined by our choices. In 2006, nominated as an emerging artist for a series of research based artwork MyPOP (My Print on Poverty) resulted in a sponsorship to volunteer internationally; in 2011, I journeyed to the Serengeti of Tanzania.


While in Maasailand, a local women’s collective extended an invitation to see a choir performance. After the moving performance, the mama’s started a dialogue about their plight and asked for help in sharing their story. Intensely energized by the discussion, but boarding my flight the next day, I was consumed by the idea to record and produce a music CD of the choir.


I returned to the US and for the next year diligently worked on networking, logistics and fundraising to accomplish the goal of recording an album. In summer of 2012, I set-off for Tanzania for the recording.


The original album has since evolved into the official independent label and currently has a talent roster of over 25 artists, featuring original music, podcasts, articles and competitions for emerging talent in Maasailand.


My vision has always been to advance opportunities, crack stereotypes and build bridges for creative talent. Voice of Maasai has allowed me and my team to stretch boundaries of possibilities and we are proud to usher individual and creative potential!