The Journey to Tanzania

Founder, Jessey Jansen, first journeyed to Maasailand as result of a volunteer sponsorship she received based on her series of artwork investigating topics of social mobility and poverty. After sitting in on a traditional performance, a few Maasai women asked her help in sharing their story. She took the request seriously and envisioned a music album that would generate a supplemental royalty and provide a platform to share their stories globally. She set off on this open-ended journey that she now defines as serengetidipity and manages all aspects of Voice of Maasai.


Voice of Maasai indie record and media label showcases emerging talent from Maasailand and beyond. Our artists are using their talents to speak out in regards to the decisions being made for their homeland and their future in one of the world’s most valuable landscapes, Maasailand and the Savannah's of East Africa.

Our Vision 

It is our vision to advance opportunities, crack stereotypes and build bridges for creative talent. We focus on connecting a global audience with emerging Maasai talent to provide an authentic nuanced view of the Savannah's of East Africa.


Why This Matters

The Maasai are traditionally a proud and independent tribe that did not depend on cultivated land and cash economy, rather they lived off the blood, milk and meat that their cattle provided based on grazing and management of grasslands in northern Tanzania and southern Kenya. These grasslands are part of the Savannah landscape that include over 14 renowned national parks and other conservation areas. Much of today's world is lead to believe that the parks are the window to the past and have preserved this landscape to be what it has always been. This narrative lacks the critical fact that the Maasai people have played a critical role in the preservation of this ecosystem well before any parks existed. 


As globalization increasingly results in evictions of the Maasai off their homeland, the youth stand at a precipice, hemmed in on all sides as their traditional social patterns and way of life are disrupted, though their spirit remains strong. Finding ways forward in their increasingly changing world, they need to be heard, their stories be told.

What You Can Do To Help

Our work is made possible by the generous support of global patrons like you. DOWNLOAD our music now or consider becoming a PATRON. Your support will give people a chance for creative expression that may not otherwise have the opportunity. Because we are grassroots, our budget is small and every detail is directly managed by the Founder and Brand Developer JESSEY JANSEN, so there is nothing that gets lost in the shuffle. 


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